20 photos showing why men live less than women


Women live more than men for many reasons, like lifestyle, habits and biologic factors. But maybe the main reason is the mania that men have to take more risks, and yes, this includes the silliest risks and the photos below explain this.

1. Jumping rope with hot melt glass

2. Pause to a nap

3. He discovered a great way to paint the sidewalk

4. “My friend felt from the rooftop these days”

5. Safety first, ok

6. This idea isn’t too much good

7. Great way to catch a sofa

8. He just wanted to wash…

9. He is very safe, but don’t

10. Plumber working the most radical way

11. “Creativity” is everything

12. Welding protection

13. What would be life without taking risks?

14. I hope he’s fine

15. The important is to arrive home

16. This one have no fear

17. What agony!

18. “This would be great”, he thought

19. Necessity, the mother of inventions

20. Stair for what really?