Russian sailor shows what he found in the deep of the ocean, but was better don’t!


The Russian sailor, Roman Fedortsov, works in a fishing boat and got a very interesting hobby: at his free time, he takes pictures of weird creatures that cross his way and post in Instagram and Twitter. Both profiles are famous because of the weird, pretty and a lot of times scary creatures. Check it!

1. Not so nice


2. Its even beautiful, but seems like a mouth

3. No, no, no!

4. A nice sun, uh

5. Hmm, pretty

6. How dare you to hold it in your hand?

7. Nature taught me that everything too colorful is toxic, and he holds it with naked hands

8. Its staring me, I swear!

9. A strange squid

10. A huge NO to Mr. Teeth here

11. Yeah, also nice

12. Seems like a creature of Lovecraft

13. Doesn’t it jabs?

14. Someone was shocked with the camera

15. They remember elf… weird

16. Hey, take your finger out of there!

17. A colorful “spider” that a rather to be away from me

18. Wow, these eyes should glow in the dark!

19. It got its eyes on you