Russian artist shows how famous characters would be if they get old


The years pass for everyone, bit isn’t common to see this getting old process in cartoons. Have you ever imagined how would be if the famous characters got old? Maybe you have never though about it, but the Russian Lesya Guseva has and produced it by a fluffy and creative way.
She created a illustrations series called Pensioners, where she drew some of our favorite characters from Marvel, DC and Disney like if they were old.

1. Thor

2. Cat woman

3. Supergirl and Wonder woman

4. Flash

5. Harlequin

6. Ariel

7. Joker

8. Deadpool

9. Spiderman

10. Batman

11. Ironman

12. Captain America and Snow White

13. Superman, Pocahontas and Meeko


14. Genius and Doctor Strange

15. Mickey and Minnie