19 people that live in a future farther than ours


Sometimes we see good ideas that make us think how we have never imagined it.
But, what you’ll see next are more than genius ideas that will make you thin: in which year these guys live?!

1. Camera zoom is for the weak

2. News coming from 2058

3. This guy is a genius

4. Don’t want to leave the game or social networks? Here’s the solution

5. Future cop

6. Why anybody has fixed it yet?

7. All barbers should adopt this

8. Future fruits are multi-usage

9. Have a chair anywhere

10. The top of lazy or geniality at the time of cutting the grass? You choose!

11. Want to sleep in the swimming pool and don’t die drowned? Just buy a diving mask and a snorkel!

12. Meeting friends in a close future

13. Problem solved

14. Nothing as choosing the view that you’ll see while having breakfast

15. This little boy also lives in 2058

16. I bet you never though about it

17. 2018 person vs two future people that don’t need to carry their cups

18. We also have culinary genius

19. Want to take a shower and don’t miss make up? Ok!