18 fluffy cubs capable to melt your heart


There are a lot os species on the planet, and when its about cubs, its impossible to not open a smile when we see its photos.
The cubs below are capable to let the most anger person with good mood, because they’re adorable without effort.

1. Newborn rabbit

2. Baby bear

3. This cheetah is the fluffiest you have ever seen

4. Red panda cub

5. Sugar Petauro cub

6. Asian lions

7. Lemur

8. Leopard cub

9. Tiny panda baby

10. Otter cubs

11. This wolf cub can’t fear no one yet

12. Gerbil

13. Pretty Koala cub

14. Little tigers

15. Little fox

16. Tiny cat cub

17. In family

18. Baby elephant with its mother