16 pictures that show why the internet love kitties


You can even not have a cat, but surely you had fun seeing photos or videos of them around. The felines do faces and mouths, have manias and weird things that makes anyone have fun, because of this they are loved.

1. They’re capable to see you more than you imagine

2. Capable to fit anywhere

3. Always

4. Are the most funny dramatics you know

5. But believe that isn’t possible to see them

6. They don’t require much space

7. They’re capable to camouflage like no one does

8. Fluffy from every angle

9. Jealous

10. Prefer the simpler things

11. They love the dirty clothes basket

12. Watch TV like people

13. Dance like people too

14. Drink water like humans

15. Love trinkets

16. They have a logic that mere human beings will never understand!