16 people that may had broke a lot of mirrors to have so bad luck


Nothing worse than waking up with the left foot and have a wave of bad luck. But, probably you have never seen so much unlucky in one place. Check these situations and see if you’re unlucky too.

1. And broke!

2. Bad day to take the mail

3. Flowers in the catalogue vs flowers received

4. That the games begin

5. Who never?

6. When you ate half of the pot and you realize spider web in there

7. Oh, this gives anger

8. The cupcake wasn’t that smooth

9. What now?

10. Life in a wire, literally

11. When a rat decides to do a nest in a cash machine

12. What a disaster

13. The chance to get a teddy bear was never so close

14. Oh no

15. Its better to ask some pizza

16. How is that cleaned?