15 times that fashion let us… without knowing what to think


Sometimes fashion can be weird. Some stylists with bizarre creativity just need someone with courage to wear some of their not commons creations. Always worth the phrase that “taste isn’t argued”, and its true, but we cannot miss the laugh of some clothes and accessories.

1. There are things that we doubt that exist

2. This sweater was on the wrong place

3. To feel very comfortable

4. When stylists don’t have nothing else to invent

5. The print in the wrongest place

6. Gloves to bright in Halloween

7. Pockets are dispensable items

8. A careful bra

9. If the fashion is in, everything goes

10. A shirt with vent

11. For whose that like perfect combinations

12. Yes, you’re seeing this

13. To look good at summer, but not.

14. The fashion isn’t the torn up knees

15. At first sight it seems a very nice bonnet