25 people that found the best passengers in airplanes


A lot of aerial companies allow pets to fly in the luggage part, but some allow the animals on board together with the passengers, mainly the emotional support ones, that animals with therapeutical means.
Some people would just lose their fear to fly if their puppy were with them. See below some animals that were in these trips.

1. The best companion of trips

2. A nice nap

3. The fluffiest passenger

4. Emotional support animal

5. Frightened in its first trip


6. It was just trying to talk with the side passenger

7. One of the most exotic passengers you ever saw

8. Its more interested in the snacks than in the trip

9. This is Kiddy, the dog that retired after 12 years serving the Navy in the USA

10. A behaved passenger

11. The most fluffy and popular passenger of the plane

12. Sure that anyone would lose the fear by the side of this buddy

13. Taking a nap on the heights

14. The bulldog could know the captain after the flight

15. First class trip

16. Daniel is an emotional support duck

17. Behaved

18. Guide dog at the plane

19. He did not need a seat

20. Lets go vacation

21. A special passenger

22. Hide

23. Pigs can also fly

24. Jet trip

25. Puppy in first flight (can be seen by its face)