16 weird photos that seems to not be real


Have you ever been in situations that cause the feeling of being dreaming for being too weird or even unbelievable?
The images you’ll see next are a sample of it.

1. The mayor changed the plants’s pots and they look like giant carrots

2. The aim of this tap is one of the best, seems to has own life

3. Sauron’s eye?

4. Videogame controller or from the air conditioning?

5. Jurassic Park Plant

6. Its a giant straw and the outdoor is sucking the station?

7. Now we know the taste of rainbow

8. Someone decided to spend some cents and dollars to do this image of Lincoln. Why to use coins to do the image?! We don’t know either!

9. Rock-shaped shark or shark-shaped rock?

10. Who worked at the edition of this book really did not like this guy’s name

11. The vision of a forest seen by above or a wall covered with muss?

12. Little treasurers found

13. Nothing more intuitive than this

14. When your base think its a cat

15. Its shocked

16. Someone can explain?