20 pictures of famous people taken when they weren’t known


Many people have curiosity to know how celebrities were before fame. Its a little hard to find pictures of them, because not everybody likes to show them “common” pictures, mainly when its about people that are known by the public. See below 20 curious photos of celebrities before fame.

1- Kit Harington

2- Anne Hathaway

3- Jessica Biel

4- Norman Reedus


5- Dira Von Teese

6- Kyle MacLachlan


7- Amanda Seyfried

8- Winona Ryder


9- Ozzy Osbourne

10- Hilary Swank

11- Evan Peters

12- Juliette Lewis


13- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

14- Vanessa Hudgens

15- Mads Mikkelsen

16- Iggy Pop

17- Connie Britton

18- Halle Berry

19- Til Schweiger

20- Benedict Cumberbatch