20 impressive things that people had to share


Everyday, millions of curious things happens in the world, and today its easier to know about them because people share a lot of pictures.
See below some impressive things that happened and people did the favor to share with us.

1- Triple banana.

2- Greeting a Royal hawk.

3- Installing a tower of energy line.

4- Smallest computer in the world compared with a grain of rice.

5- A M&M with a different shape.

6- A corn labyrinth in Bristol, choses a theme every year. This was two years ago.

7- A scary origami based on the face huggers from the movie Alien.

8- A cat with curly hair.

9- The squared donuts have 27% more donut and occupy approximately the same space of a rounded donut.

10- The interior of a Furby.

11- The International Airport of Dallas created a game room to passengers play while they wait for the airplane.

12- Apple tree without leaves but full of apples.

13- Gradient pepper.

14- Mussel with little crab.

15- Black higiene paper in a Dutch restaurant.

16- The Japanese coin of 1 yen is so light that doesn’t drowns in water.

17- The fridge was so cold that froze the eggs.

18- After 8 hours trying to equilibrate rocks at the lake.

19- The snow kept just around the bricks.

20- I found this snake cub at my job.