20 illustrations that masked off the modern society


The Argentine Al Margen produces sincere and heavy illustrations that show the worst characteristics of the modern society, like the exaggerated search for money and the acceptation in social networks, the media manipulation and the excess of work.
The images make us to think about the ways that society is taking, showing social critics that are true. Check below the job of this talent artist.

1- A savage selfie?

2- Trustable news.

3- The way to success.

4- Privacy.

5- Your time its over.

6- The main is to not forget your head.

7- Smoking kills.

8- Mass production.

9- Many thoughts.

10- Sculptures.

11- Children also have ears.

12- Uncomforted.

13- War.

14- How are you today?

15- “Im still not skinny enough”.

16- Financial brakes.

17- Charging.

18- You don’t want, but you must.

19- The music in our head.

20- Going against the wind.