21 great ideas world wide that could be part of our lives now


What is good is always welcome. When its about ideas to get better our day a day, we shouldn’t waste time applying them. Its the case of the 21 ideas next: they’re so good that let us thinking how good they should be in out lives (some of them already exists in some places).

1- This hotel Hong Kong borrow to their guests a cellphone with free calls to use while they’re in the place.

2- This parking lot has the separation marks also in the wall to make easier the life of who parks.

3- An university that offers free curatives
This should be a rule!

4- In this skiing station, the restaurants have space under the chairs to keep gloves and helmets.

5- This building in Tokyo has an elevador that warns when its raining.

6- Airport with a machine that teaches how to apply first aid kit in who needs.

7- Sell machine with products for pets.

8- Free cellphone charge station.

9- Other charge station, but in this one you have to pedal for it works.

10- Electronic box to sell and buy bitcoins.

11- Tomatoes box that shows the name and picture of who picked up the fruits.

12- Emergency phone in a bridge, for that eventual suicides can talk to someone before they do worst.

13- Laundry wash that projects in the floor the time that left until the end of the wash.

14- Thus restaurant offers tooth brush and dental cream for own use. I bet the majority of Americans approve this idea.

15- These curtains of this hotel stay one over another, so no light pass through them.

16- Sheets with indication of the bigger and shorter sides, what makes easier the process of making the bed.

17- Door for cats.

18- A metallic bar in the counter allows the drinks to keep cold.

19- Emigration office in Korea offers glasses to the visitors, in case they can’t read the paper to be written.

20- Button that extends the time of passage of the pedestrians at the headlights with necessities.

21- Child wagon in Swish subway.