20 pictures of friendship between dogs and cats that will warm your heart


It’s common to have the idea that dogs and cats are enemies, but its important to not take this stereotype seriously. They can have a nice living and be best friends, and of course that their owners should encourage a good relation between them. See below some pictures that show that friendship between cats and dogs exists and is truth.

1- “Keep quiet!”


2- “Silence! The kitty is sleeping”.


3- Every friendship also has dome divergencies.


4- Their owner was afraid of fighting, but seems that there is no reason why for preoccupation.


5- Taking care of the friend.


6- Best friends.


7- Taking a ride.


8- Admiring the puppy.


9- “We found a kitty lost while we were fishing. She and my dog got in love immediately. I think we will keep her”.


10- This dog don’t has courage to fight with the cat that stole his bed.


11- We can now who commands in this relationship.


12- The face of whom is about to suffer an attack.


13- “I know that my cat is stupid”.


14- She adopted the cat.


15- “Well, apparently we are not from the same species”.


16- Playing hide and seek.


17- Using the friend’s ear as a hat.


18- Meeting the new friend.


19- Friends forever.


20- Partners until in the time of sleep.