20 animals that could express it-selves as good as us


The animals have feelings and they can show them. Have you ever imagined if they could talk? Many things that animals feel can be transmitted and gets easy to understand them. Tou just have to see your pet before getting in the veterinary to be sure of it. See below some animals that can express their emotions by a curious way.

1- Optimism and pessimism side by side.


2- Thus dog loves tripping in the car and got enchanted with a long trip that did.


3- What this cat should have seen?


4- “By the morning my cat disappeared. I found it under a drawer and seems that it is shocked with what happened”.


5- It’s happy for graduating.


6- Say that dogs love staying hugged. After this picture we can’t be sure about it.


7- A closed box is the biggest pain for a car.


8- “I’m going to eat all your shoes”.


9- When its your turn to go to the veterinary.


10- When you wait to be alone to do what you want.


11- The happiness of playing with soap bubbles.


12- Seems that this toy has no chances of surviving.


13- The face of happiness.


14- When you don’t want to take a picture but they insist.


15- Smile.


16- Winning a tough enemy in a game.


17- The little animals can also express their emotions.


18- This cat saw something scary.


19- When someone tries to keep the laugh.


20- Trying to catch a fly.