16 tattoos that are nothing like real life


Doing a tattoo is a big responsibility and leaves a mark for the rest of your life.
In the case of the next examples, doing a tattoo was a terrible idea. The proof of it are the comparisons made by people full of the joke spirit.

1- Wonderful nature.


2- The intention was nice, but didn’t worked.


3- What a wild tattoo.


4- The important is to have faith.


5- Elvis is not dead, was ashamed forever.


6- Embarrassing Avril Lavigne.


7- This baby is beauti… no, wait!


8- Angelina Jolie wasn’t a little like her.


9- Imagine this little face walking through the wild.


10- The diva Marylin Monroe destroyed.


11- Another shame.


12- Jack Sparrow is at least bizarre.


13- Woow!


14- Another creepy baby.


15- The most bizarre lion of the jungle.


16- A very scary fairy!