16 evidences that creativity solves any problem


Solving problems sometimes requires that you think outside of the box and look for practical solutions, that can be not so conventional. These people that you will see next are the proof o it.

1- When your cellphone discharges but you want to listen your music.


2- Enjoying the beach without stress.


3- Want to watch the game outside home? Ok!


4- Gunned agains sleep.


5- Lets create gardens instead of puddles in the mud on the asphalt.


6- The important is lunch.


7- Lazy to look for more wood to the fire pit? Problem solved!


8- Forgot the safety helmet at home? No problems!


9- Keeping the baby safe.


10- Transforming the old car in a pool.


11- The important is to keep the basket.


12- Electronic trash? With creativity is possible to turn it in an aquarium.


13- Fixing the pans.


14- With lego is possible to organize your home!


15- “My boss argued that my hair is too big”


16- Can’t find the sink in the measure? Do yours!