15 photos that will bug your brain


Have you ever looked again to something to be sure what you’re looking?! Optic illusion sometimes happens in our day a day at the right time at the right place. The proof of it you’ll see in these pictures here!

1- Where is the rest of the dog here?


2- A mini cat on another cat


3- An avalanche? No!


4- What?


5- I bet you though the wrong thing, haven’t you?


6- All depends on the point of view.


7- Hugging the pillow.


8- The most fluffy pour that you ever saw.


9- Twins?! Glued?!


10- Giant cats in an Earth of little humans.


11- Who is hugging who?


12- Another confusing hug.


13- But, what?


14- Someone can explain?


15- Optic illusion in the beach.