9 food that can have hidden danger to your health


A lot of times we buy “healthy” food thinking that there isn’t any risk to our health, but even in food that we don’t imagine, like a simple lettuce, can offer risks and be full of bacterias, mainly when handled without higiene. See below some manners to avoid problems when feeding.


1- Canned seafood
According to researches, this kind of food has much more yeast than allowed, what means that are violations in the sanitary standards during production. The most appropriated is to eat frozen seafood.


2- Ground beef
Experts discovered that bacterias like E. Coli, salmonela and listeria are in this beef. Due to this is better to cut the meat in thin peaces and fry it then consuming ground beef.


3- Cheese
There aren’t toxic chemicals in cheese, but the pathogenic microorganisms that cause intoxication can get inside cheese in any stage of production, existing the risk to get brucellosis and listeriosis of the unpasteurized milk of sick animals is used during the production. Due to this you should buy cheese only with trustable manufacturers, if possible.


4- Eggs
The salmonela is a bacteria that exist not only in the eggshell, as inside of it, and is one of the most causes of food poisoning, can reach the death. Don’t eat crude egg and clean the eggshell before eating.


5- Chicken
A drop of crude chicken juice has bacterias Campylobacter enough to poison a person, causing fever and gastrointestinal problems. The bacteria spreads very fast when the meat is washed, keeping it in our hands. Is needed to minimize contact with crude chicken and wash the board and knifes away from the rests of the dishes. If possible, wash everything with hot water.


6- Tuna
When the fish is unfrozen and stocked in a wrong way, is formed a toxic protein that can cause a type of food poisoning that takes to rashes, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, change of cardiac frequency and even vision loss. The solution is to unfroze the tune without letting it in contact with the air, take it out of the freezer and put in the lowest shelve of the fridge without opening the pack.


7- Sausage and meat products
According to researches, 12% of the sausages and other products with meat are infected with E. Coli and pathogenic microorganisms. The listeriosis is dangerous mainly to elder people, pregnant, fresh born and children with less than a year old, it can cause damage to the nervous system.


8- Lettuce
You should be surprised by the presence of this food. The scientists from CSPI, American ONG that defends the consumers rights, did a research to discover which food caused the bigger number of food poisoning. Lettuce was in first, being responsible for 13.568 cases. So, even if the lettuce is well packed and “ready to eat”, is better to wash it well before eating.


9- Soda
Besides obesity and damage in the liver and teeth, the soda is also dangerous to the bones, since has phosphoric acid and caffeine, that low the bone mineral density and eventually osteoporose.