8 curious secrets hide in famous paintings


Some master pieces known world wide keep curious stories and even secrets that many of us can’t imagine.
The famous paintings below, for exemple, hide some factors in its details and show that the painting goes further than whats is seen.

1- Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci (1503)

The artist added letters and symbols miniature in Mona Lisa’s pupils. According the researcher Silvano Vinceti, in the right eye appear the letter LV, that could be the initials of the author Leonardo Da Vinci. The letters in the left eye are not too clear, but Vinceti imagine that they are a “B” and a “S”, or possible the initials CE. The researcher think that they’re crucial clues to discover the model’s identity.

2- The Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci (1498)

A researcher concluded that the painting hides a sheet music. According to his theory, the breads are put on the table and the hands of the apostiles and Jesus do a requiem.

3- The Old Fisherman, Tivadar Kosztka (1902)

This picture keeps a haunting secret. Looking at it with a mirror put in the picture’s middle, is possible to see God’s face in the right and Evil’s face in the left. An optical illusion in which lives the hide meaning of good and bad.

4- The Spring, Sandro Botticelli (1482)

In this famous painting exist at least 500 different types of plants and 190 different types of flowers. Several studies show that the majority of them exists in reality and they’re carefully painted. However, is believed that some of them comes from the author fantasy and are a mix of reality and imagination.

5- Broadway Boogie-Woogie, Mondrian (1943)

Despite being an abstract painting, the artist wanted to show by a new way the streets of Manhattan, where he moved in 1940.

6- The Starry Night, Van Gogh (1888)

The board was painted while Van Gogh was in the psychiatric hospital due to a mental colapse. Van Gogh was authorized to occupy two rooms: one to sleep and other as a studio. The artist also could leave to paint in free air always he was along with a guard.

7- The Garden of Delicious, Hieronymus Bosch

In a part of the painting, that symbolizes hell, is a sheet music divided between a book and the buttocks of a tortured person. This discover was made by two students is Oklahoma, joined with the department of music of the university to obtain a more precise result. The music was called “Ass music” and now anyone cab hear it.

8- The Night Shift, Rembrandt (1642)

This paining is known as “The Night Shift”, because of darkness in the deep of the painting where the characters appear. However, the color appeared due to the oxidation of varnish and soot accumulated with the pass of time. By restoring the job in 1947, was discovered that the scene occurred during the day.