18 images that show why we have trust problems


We may have many frustrations in life, even to do a buy in the internet.
Almost everybody already passed through a situation in which you expected so much for something, and when you did you don’t liked the result. Check below some people that were unlucky in the time of shopping products.

1- Very different from expected

2- When the confectioner miss bad and the cake arrives very different than the one asked

3- Photo vs Reality

4- Cup fulfill of milkshake put in a cup for trip

5- Pure cheat

6- She started to do animals of felt, but seems that it doesn’t work it

7- It was to be a Minion cake

8- When you believe that the recipient is fulfill with the product, but the reality is very different

9- Almost a master piece

10- A chocolate with no form

11- Expectative vs Reality

12- A very different Snow White

13- The most “poker face” sandwich ever

14- The owner of this dog asked the employees of the pet shop that they did a heart
I think they didn’t get it.

15- Be careful in buying clothes in the internet

16- When everybody is disappointed with the cake, including the own ornaments of the cake

17- Spiderman that grows in water, but it was better to don’t, isn it?

18- She wanted a blanket with mermaid form, but the reality was different.