16 things that seems to be eaten but they aren’t


Have you ever caught yourself thinking what would be the taste of something that seems eatable, but it isn’t? Well, some people yes! Would you agree with them?
Ah, remember that we don’t recommend that you try anything until be sure that is to eat!

1- No, these aren’t bananas.

2- Cheetos? No, styrofoam.

3- No, these aren’t candies!

4- I believe that a golf ball cannot be eaten.

5- The appearances lie.

6- And when the wall is made of cotton candy?

7- Nothing as ice to trick.

8- This is resin for rope instruments.

9- Don’t confuse a grape candy with a purple glue.

10- No, this isn’t a candy, but this a piece of soap to a laundry machine.

11- The amber bear amulet of 3500 years ago, that seems a candy.

12- “Why eat soap when you could have spicy honey?”

13- “People are eating soap for laundry machines without realizing their cars are full of chocolate syrup”.

14- Well, this seems a cream.


15- Yes, this is soap and you can’t eat it.

16- “These new lollypops are horrible”

Actually is about glue.