15 bizarre things found by who didn’t have any idea what them were


Some people are sharing weird stuff that found around the world. Have you ever noticed with a door to fairs or a hotel for animals? See below these and some weird discoveries ever made.

1- This served plate in a sushi restaurant and its about “sea pineapples”, food eaten in Korea and Japan.


2- “we found in the mud near South Carolina’s coast. What is it?”
Renilla reniformis, or “sea thoughts”, are very common at Florida’s beaches. Are from the phylum of the cnidarians.


3- This strange structure was found in a park in Barcelona. Its a hotel for insects. Bugs useful for the park or garden can be housed: ladybug, butterfly, etc.


4- In this piece of stone there is a trilobite ( characteristic Paleozoic arthropod) petrified.


5- “I found thus in a waste basket. Anyone knows what it is?”
This is an erhu, an old Chinese musical instrument with two metal ropes.


6- “My mom bought this in a market. I don’t know what is it fot but is very heavy.”
This is a support to knifes used to open cards.


7- “Yesterday we found this things in the river, anyone knows what is it?”
This is called “diya”, illumination support used during the celebration of Diwali (Hindu religious party, also known as lights festival).


8- This door was found in a tree next a lake in Scotland. The doors linked to the tree are called fair doors. Behind it is a little space where people can leave a gift or message to the fairies.


9- Thus is a kind of trunk for the transport of airplanes without engine.


10- “I found a strange glass and silver bottle. It doesn’t opens.”
It is a decanter – special recipient to decant and serve wine. To open it, is needed help from a jeweler.


11- This strange construction in a lake in Michigan is an abandoned mine pier. The construction was projected to discharge of mineral of ships.


12- “I found this stone in the balcony of my new house. Is it a fossil?”
Are lycophyta (plants), one of the most common fossils in caves of slate. This trees reach the high of more than 30 meters.


13- “I herded this from my grandfather, that was a mathematical. What should it be?”
Its a cryptographer machine of pocket from the World War 2. In the decade of 1930, a similar device was projected in France – Le Sphinx.


14- This a popular Chinese toy “The four Happiness”. Symbolizes the four happiness together: the happiness of a rain waited after a dry, the happiness of a night of nuptials, the happiness of passing the exams and the happiness of finding an old friend.


15- “A client found this in our lobby. What is it?”
Its a device to put and remove contact lenses and ocular prostheses.


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