12 movies that were censured in its first run and today are considered classics


Many films got polemic in the cinema world by its strong scenes that involve sex, religion and violence. Some were censured in some countries, but today are great classics.

Its curious the fact that the majority of the censured pieces after made worldwide success. Its like if what is prohibited is more attractive to spectators. See why some movies were censured.

1- Passion of Christ (2004)

The film of Mel Gibson was prohibited in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrein due to its interpretation of Christ’s life and the critics about antisemitism. The director also had to eliminate some scenes that were considered very bloody.

2- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

This classic of terror movies was banned for a while in countries like Germany, United Kingdom and Australia, in reason of its violent content and the impact that caused in the spectators.

3- Avatar (2009)

James Cameron auto censured himself in the sexual scenes so there won’t be problems with the age classification. In China the movie stopped being exhibited in the movie theaters because they thought that incited the revolution and violence. Besides, they feared that its success in the tickets would be bigger than the local cinematographic industry.

4- Life of Brian (1979)

The movie was censured in Europe because it was considered a parody of the life of Jesus. The anger and critics against the movie just increased the tickets.

5- Back to the Future (1985)

The movie was considered inappropriate in China right after its debut. Besides it, other movies about the theme of the time trip were prohibited in the country, already the Chinese government claimed that the theme go against his culture patrimony. Will understand…

6- Monsters

The film was cut, censured, prohibited and considered repugnant, for including in the cast people with physical and mental bad formation. In the USA was launched 30 years after its creation.

7- The Exorcist (1973)

Maybe this is one of the most polemic movies ever launched. Several scenes were censured, like that in which religious objects were used offensively. Some cinemas decided to not pass the film. The trailer was also censured, going on air just after 40 years from the debut.

8- Clockwork Orange (1971)

This true classic of Stanley Kubrick was censured in the United Kingdom after being guilty of several crimes based in the shocking rape scene and other violent scenes. For it to be launched in the USA, the director had to cut 30 seconds of the movie for its relaunching in 1973.

9- Last Tango in Paris (1972)

The movie was censured in some countries from Europe due to a scene of rape. According to the actress Maria Schneider, this scene wasn’t in the script, what let her humiliated, and by a way, really hurt.

10- The Tim Drum (1979)

After winning an Oscar, the movie was cut and then banned from Canada and in other parts of the world, this because in a scene the protagonist of eleven years old had sex with a sixteen years old girl.

11- Django Unchained(2012)

The master piece of Quentin Tarantino couldn’t pass from censure in China. Before its debut, some scenes considered inappropriate by the Chinese government had already been eliminated and its transmission was finally canceled in the movie theaters. The official version claims that was due to technical problems, but, is believed that was censured due to protagonist’s Jamie Foxx nude.

12- The last temptation of Christ (1988)

The polemic film showed Christ’s last days, presenting him as an imperfect human being, that have fantasies of being married and having relations with Mary Magdalen. Until today exists a lot of countries that still prohibit it.