Trump discards Libyan model to denuclearize North Korea



The American president, Donald Trump, claimed last Thursday(17) that doesn’t works with the possibility of a named “Libyan model” to force North Korea to renounce to his program of nuclear weapons.

“The Libyan model isn’t what we have in mind”, said Trump in the Oval Office, in allusion to a declaration of John Bolton, his accessor of National Security, that provoked enormous anger on north Koreans leaders.

In Libya, admitted the president, “we decimated this country for entire”, in allusion to the operations leaded by Otan, which led to the overthrow of the government of Muammar Kadhafi, posteriorly murdered.

According to Trump, the scenery mentioned by Bolton refers to “that we didn’t get to a deal” with North Korea.

According to him, the idea of an agreement with Kim about denuclearization includes the possibility of the north Korean leader maintain himself in power. “We never told to Kadhafi: ‘Don’t worry that we will give you protection’”, declared.

Despite the anger of the north Korean leadership, Trump ensured that the negotiations to a dome with Kim, foreseen to July 12 in Singapura, kept on going.

The north Koreans, said Trump, “trade like nothing had happened”, despite the suggestions of Pyongyang that could cancel the meeting.

A little time before, the spokesperson of the White House, Sarah Sanders, would have said that Washington kept on going the preparatives to the meeting.

“If the north Koreans want a meeting, we will be there”, said the spokesperson of White House, Sarah Sanders, adding that “for now there isn’t any change in our preparation process”.