Ten reasons why your opinion isn’t taken seriously


Have you ever noticed once that some people opinion is never taken seriously? They always help, give support and handle insults without holding grudges, but much time the others don’t care for them and they’re left alone.

The psychologists believe that his happens because of some conduct mistakes. Here are some of them.

Unnecessary sacrifices
You sacrifice your necessities for the world’s health. And the world simply don’t realize it. And, when them disturb you, you feel bad for the aggressor. With this attitude, you’ll notice that they will hurt you again.

Don’t be afraid telling the world that you feel unhappy. Maybe it don’t cost nothing to satisfy your wish. But no one will value your sacrifices.

Self-respect lacking
You don’t feel when they start to hurt you. Or you close your eyes for all these divergences. But this won’t make the rude to like or respect you. Think well, why you have to afford them?

If anyone behaves like if he/she doesn’t matters for you, it means it at all: that he/she doesn’t care for you. And don’t look for justifies to rude people. Respect yourself.

Approval dependence
The people that sickly need approval, unconsciously feel and share that something is wrong with them.

Stop expecting for praises. You don’t need to hear that you’re a good person to be one. Don’t be afraid from critics. People will always criticize, doesn’t matter what you do. So, what should worry is with your opinion about yourself.

See problems just for yourself
Automatically think that everyone is right, unless you. You blame yourself for what happens around you. No one will thank you for that, but they can add more problems.

Search for guilty isn’t a productive thing. And blame yourself all the time won’t bring compassion or even other’s love. It’s better to focus in searching the solution for your problems.

Self praising
Mention your advantages; ask for respect seems with begging and is the main mistake of a dependence relation. Trying to convince others that you’re a good person just provokes repulsion, even if you’re really a good person.

Exists a good manner to show that you worth it: it’s really having value. For this, its important to believe in yourself. When its known to be valorized, you don’t have to prove nothing to no one.

Afraid of saying “no”
You don’t want to offend anyone, even if it van cause you discomfort. Pretend that all is ok so others don’t find that you feel discomfortable. And, as a result, feel discomfortable.

Don’t be afraid of saying no. Because even the nicest people will use you if you let. Only help when you really want and can.

Ignore your interests
You’re used to adjust yourself to other’s necessities and don’t feel your own wishes. Don’t decide for you, accept other wishes as yours. From far can seems that is about incapacity of taking a decision, of weakness instead of goodness.

Learn to hear your wishes and don’t be afraid to offend anyone. Probably your fears are created and you can always find a sensible solution.

Lack of limits of the accessible
Forgive because, for you, is easier to forgive than defend yourself. When someone disrespects you, in your thoughts you justifies your defensor.

You need your own limits of the accessible. And don’t let people cross over you.

Afraid of being alone
Don’t be afraid of being alone. If you want to stay with someone at any costs, you attract the bad and selfish people because you allow them to took advantage from you.

You don’t have to choose between a relationship and your dignity. If is this the choice, this means that something went wrong. Be brave, don’t be afraid to change. Take your loneliness as freedom and you won’t be alone for too long.

The idea that respect is need to be done to deserve it
Respect is something that doesn’t need nothing in change. If you think this way, you’re in the right way. Wait for a return and martyr yourself when it doesn’t come will just hurt you.

There is no necessity to “buy” love and respect. Just learn to love and to accept unconditional love, just like air.


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