Shots fired in school from USA leaves two wounded Suspect was caught. According to local press, the two wounded would be a boy of 13 years old and an adult, that is in a critic situation.



The police of a town in Indiana, USA, answered this Friday(25) to stories of shots fired in a school. Two wounded people were taken to the hospital and the suspect was arrested, informed the spokesperson of the police in Indiana. The incident occurred in Noblesville.

Bryant Orem, spokesperson of the sheriff’s office of Hamilton County, said that is believed that the suspect has act alone.

ABC network’s affiliate reported a big presence of the emergency services in the school. Agents of the special forces (SWAT) inspected the building, and the students were taken to another school to meet their parents.

The son of a producer of a local TV WISH related to have heard several shots, but he didn’t know to answer if it came from inside of the building or not.
According to the emissor, the school sent a message to the student’s parents informing about the stories of shots and that the school was closed.