Maryland’s governor, in the USA, decrees emergency in county hit by strong rain and floods Cars parked in the street were dragged.


The state of Maryland, in the USA, decreed emergency state for Howard’s county for the strong rains and floods that hit the region. One person is missing.

This Sunday, the water drops dragged cars that were parked in the town of Ellicott, that stays in the West edge of Patapsco river, about 20km from Baltimore.

This is the second time in two years that the town is hit by strong water flows.

Mike Muccilli, National Service’s weatherman in Sterling, at Virginia, affirmed to the agency Associated Press that is too early to compare both episodes, but the two of them were a disaster.

In July of 2016, Ellicott received 17 centimeters of rain in a period of two to three hours. On Sunday, the city received 20,32 cm in a period of more than 6 hours, but the biggest part rained in an intense period of three hours, according to Muccilli.