Eruption on the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea leaves gigantic cloud of ashes



An explosive eruption was registered on last Thursday’s dawn(17), on the top of the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea, creating a cloud of ashes of more than 9.000 meters that forces the inhabitants near the place to search for shelter.

The Observatory of volcanos in Hawaii informed in a communicate that the emissions of until 3.600 meters continued after the explosion, registered at 04:15 AM.

“At any moment the activity can be more explosive, increasing the intensity of ashes production and producing projectiles near the smoke”, added.

The authorities kept red alarm for aviation – what prevents any air traffic in the area- and the inhabitants where advised to search for shelter.

The explosion arrived two days after another cloud full of ashes emanated from the volcano, that is the most active in the world and one of five in the island.

Scientists consider that this volcanic activity can precede a bigger eruption, like registered in 1925.

About 2.000 people evacuated the residencial areas that are on the way of the lava drain and due to toxic smokes, and the authorities indicated that probably the evacuations will continue by the time that the fissures advance.

About 40 houses and constructions were destroyed by the lava.