Accused of torturing own children in California says that ‘is not a monster’


A man from California accused in several cases of harassment against minors, some which are against their own sons, denied the accusations and affirmed that “is not a monster” in an interview in prison.

Jonathan Allen, 29 years old, and his partner, Ina Rogers, 30, were arrested after the authorities found ten children in inhuman conditions in a house in California.

The couple submitted the children to tortures that included drowning, darts and boiling water, informed the American authorities last Wednesday.

In an interview to the channel KGO-TV from prison, Allen denied to has committed the harassments: “I did nothing that they said I’ve done”.

“I’m not perfect, nobody is perfect”, said,”but I’m not an animal, even a torturer, or a monster”, defended himself the biologic father of some of the victims.

Allen was accused for seven cases of torture and nine for children harassment.

The Prosecution described the aggressions in files presented to the Justice.

“Continually the children were hit, strangled, bitten, attacked with guns like beasts, or pressed air pistols, hit with sticks and submitted to the submarine”, a torture technic that consists in maintaining the victim under water to not breathe.

“Due to the several types of harassment, children have different kinds os scars, including fractured arms”, revealed the Prosecution, adding that the couple also boiled the water to throw in the minors.

Both were arrested in March 31 in their house at the town of Fairfield, North San Francisco, after the Police answering the call of a boy.

When arriving at the place the cops found nine children shrunken at the center of the room of a house, where was trash and feces all over the place.

“The children described in details all the harassments”, that were committed for many years.

Rogers and Allen were caught: the woman, under accusation of children harassment, and the husband, for harassment and torture.

The case has coincidences involving the couple Louise and David Turpin, published in January last year, also in California. Both kept their 13 children in inhuman conditions.