10 things that exist and you did not know the reason


Somethings are so common in our day a day that we just get used and can’t imagine a reason for them. But all exist for a reason and you’ll find out now!

1- That fold behind the social shirt
In the time that wardrobes was a rich people stuff and hangers was a legend, social shirt was a piece extremely dressed by people. So, the fold served to them to be hanged in nails without kneading.

2- The “cylinder” in the charger wire
It’s responsible to avoid variations of energy in the currents that pass in the cable. It’s called “ferrite core”, and without it the radiation emitted by the wire could cause interference in another electronic objects around it.

3- The little hole in the airplane’s window
Two pieces of acrylic are used to make the glass of the windows and by itself, the inner glass panel could break due to the significative difference of pressure between the cabine and outside. The hole allows the air movement between these two panels, equaling the pressure between them.

4- The blue part of the eraser
The first intention of the manufacturer wasn’t to erase traces done by pen, but erasing darker stains in rough papers. While the smoother part of the eraser couldn’t remove stains in thick papers or dark stains, the blue part took care of this job. But people started to try to erase pen marks and soon the news spread. So, the manufacturers owned this new reason and it got fashion.

5- The horizontal button houses in your shirt
Have you ever noticed that the button houses of a social shirt are, in its majority, vertical, but the first and the last are horizontal, as in the sleeves? In the places that are most probably to easily unbutton, the houses are horizontal.

6- The extra holes in the sneakers
They serve to reforce the union between the shoes and the foot and to avoid hurt.

7- The hole in the pasta spoon
It was thought so that you can measure an individual portion of pasta and don’t exaggerate.

8- The little pocket in your jeans
The pocket wasn’t created to carry coin, but watches!

9- The hole in the superior part of the pen’s cover
The hole allows the air flow in case of the cover stops in someone’s throat, avoiding disasters, even because swallowing the cover of a pen is already a little disaster.

10- Pieces of fabric and buttons that come with the piece of cloth
They serve to mend any possible trait or stain in the cloth and change buttons.