USA plans to form an international coalition against the Iranian regime



After getting out of the nuclear deal with Iran, the United States plans to build an international coalition against the regime of Teerã and its “destabilizing activities”, claimed this Thursday the American department of State.

This idea will be detailed next Monday(21) by the American diplomacy chief, Mike Pompeo, in his first big speech about external politics – consecrated to the Iran and “how to advance” – since he took control, at the end of April.

“The United States will work to build a coalition”, explained the spokesperson of the department of State Heather Nauert, in a collective interview in Washington.

“Lets gather several countries, all over the world, with the precise objective of watching the Iranian regime through a more realistic prism, and not just through the nuclear deal prism, but yes through all destabilizing activities, that aren’t just a threat to the region, but to the whole world”.

“It won’t be a coalition against Iran. We do a clear distinction between the Iranian population and its regime. Its about the Iranian regime and its bad news”.

Heather Nauert did not need to precise if the future coalition against will have a military component.

The spokesperson claimed that the department of state received Monday around 200 foreign ambassadors to explain the decision of Donald Trump of abandoning the nuclear deal of 2015, done with Iran and analyze the next steps.

The spokesperson was asked about the European’s disposition of participating to this new coalition after her deception with the politics of Washington, and she affirmed that a lot of partners of the US “totally comprehend” the American concerning and “they don’t close their eyes” towards the Iranian atitude.