Trump reports Witch hunting in Russia’s investigation anniversary



The president of the US, Donald Trump, returned to report a witch hunting this Thursday(17), by the completion of a year of the Russian trama leaded by the special attorney Robert Mueller.

“Congrats, US, we’re in the second year of the big witch hunting of the American history and there isn’t yet collusion or obstruction”, to the Justice, twitted Donald Trump.

In May 17th of 2017, Mueller was named to investigate by an independent way the Russian interference in the elections of 2016 and the possibles bonds between Moscou and Trump’s team.

His appointment occurred after a resignation by Trump’s part of James Comey, the FBI’s chief, in charge of the investigation.

Last year, Mueller presented accusations agains individuals and Russian companies for its role in a disinformation campaign in the social networks to turn viable Trump’s victory.

Four members of Trump’s campaign – 2016 were also sued for crimes that aren’t directly linked to a possible collusion, not proved yet in the docs published until the moment.

Trump team’s strategy in the beginning of this second year of investigations is to convince the public opinion to require a rapid end.

“Come on, you had an entire year”, declared Rudy Giuliani, New York’s former Mayor, that recently joined the president’s attorneys team.

The vice president Mike Pence, that isn’t linked to the investigation, declared a few days ago that “for the interest of the country, I think its time to end”.

But seems improbable that Mueller changes his focus and his schedule, and nobody in Washington have no idea.

Giuliani affirms to be safe that Mueller won’t blame Trump formally, even if he had united enough evidence against him.

If he acts like this, will follow the Justice Department argumentation that the Constitution prohibits to report a president in function.

This doesn’t means that his investigation was in vain: Mueller could choose for doing a detailed report that sums up all the elements and could serve as a base to a possible procedure of dismissal in Congress.

Whatever be the result, the attacks of the president agains the independent investigation, that he qualified Thursday of “disgusting, ilegal and unjustified”, created several critics.