Trudeau says that deal about Nafta is “on the table”



Canada, US and Mexico are close to a new agreement of continental trade, according to the Canadian first minister, Justin Trudeau, close to the end date of dealing.

“To be honest, there is a deal on the table”, he said last Thursday at the Economic Club of New York.

However, also last Thursday, the Mexican minister of Economy and chief trader of the country, Ildefonso Guajardo, said to the press that “won’t discard the possibility of having it from the last week of May”.

The deadline expired to the American Congress last Thursday to vote it before the legislative elections of November.

Trudeau described the deal about automobiles and its components as the last obstacle to renew the Nafta, assigned 24 years ago.

Washington wants to increase the amount of American pieces so that they be trade free from taxes.

Canada and Mexico rejected an American proposal to the suspension of Nafta each 5 years.

“Mexico brought to the table proposals that really advance a long piece of the way to reduce the trade deficit that the US has with Mexico and that, in fact, take back many work stations to the automotive sector of Mexico to the US”, explained Trudeau.

The first minister affirmed that rest a few trades and guaranteed to be optimistic.

“We follow confident that we can reach a deal in which we three win”, said Trudeau in a posterior press collective.

Earlier, Mexico’s chancellor, Luis Videgaray, had said to the channel Televisa that “definitively, today isn’t a deadline date, the process continuous, the technical groups of three countries are working”.

Mexico, US and Canada have renegotiated Nafta since August by a exigence of the American president Donald Trump, that considered the deal a disaster to his country.