Suzanne Scott will be the first woman to be in front of Fox News



The media group 21s Century Fox chose last Thursday a woman for the direction of Fox News, a historical fact to the most watched channel of the US, affected two years ago for several scandals of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Suzanne Scott will substitute Ruper Murdoch, that had taken leadership of the channel after the forced exit, in July of 2016, of the emblematic Roger Ailes, reported for harassment of several women.

The new chief of Fox News was until now the president of shows of the channel and its sister company Fox Business News, dedicated to the financial news. Scott makes part of Fox since its creation, in 1996.

Besides de case of Ailes, the channel fired in April of 2017 its star presenter Bill O’Reilly, also reported for sexual harassment for several women.

According to a investigation of the newspaper The New York Times, for more than a decade Fox News knew the accusations against the leader.

The channel indemnified directly several of its supposed victims in agreements – two of them after revelations about the conduct of Roger Ailes-, according to the same investigation.

Last Tuesday, 21s Century Fox approved an agreement with 18 employees or ex collaborators, that accused the channel for racial or sexual injury.