Man dies after in Florida after electronic cigar explosion


A man died in Florida when his electronic cigar exploded and launched pieces with such strength that reached his skull, in an accident that the defenders of this device claim to be an inappropriate usage of the equipments that aren’t regulated.

Tallmadge D’Elia, 38 years old, was found dead on May 5th at St.Petersburg, East Cost Florida, when the fireman arrived his room in flames.

The fire was caused by the explosion of his vaporizer. The man suffered impacts of shrapnel in the skull and had burns in 80% of the body, according to the autopsy report, published this week. He died due to his injuries.

Pieces of the electronic cigar showed that it belong to the brand Smok-E Mountain, which manufacturer has headquarter in Filipinas, according to the local newspaper Tampa Bay Times.

According to the forensic report cited by Times, the device was a electronic cigar of a variety known as “mod”, from “modification”.

“A ‘mechanic mod’ isn’t regulated and works simply transporting the energy of the battery to an atomizer”, explained this Thursday to the AFP Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association.

“If the battery of a ‘mechanic mod’ is too low and the device doesn’t has enough air holes for ventilation, there ir a risk of explosion”, added the chief of this ONG in defense of the vaporizer as a tool to help the dependents of tobacco to stop smoking.

According to Conley, these modified devices are used by people that practice the “vaping” as a hobby and that “search specifically not regulated products”.

According to a report from the american federal agency of management of emergencies, between 2009 and 2016 were registered 195 fires and explosions linked to electronic cigarettes in the USA, but none of them caused death.

The federal agency of medicines says that cigarettes can explode and cause serious injuries, indicating that these incidents are unknown, but that some evidence suggests that are linked to Lithium battery.