Lawyer of NY provokes indignation for insulting latinos for speaking in Spanish


He listened two employees speaking in Spanish in a place of New York and didn’t tolerated: insulted them and threatened calling the cops. But he was filmed and this lawyer lost his job and exists a formal request to revoke his habilitation.

The racists screams done this Tuesday by a man identified by the american media as Aaron Schlossberg, 44 years old, in the restaurant Fresh Kitchen, of Madison Avenue, generated several reactions in social networks. The video recorded by a costumer has more than 1,5 million reproductions.

In NY, with 8,5 millions inhabitants its one of the cities with most diversity in the world, about 27,5% of the population is latina. The Spanish is heard in the streets and establishments by a constant form.

This Thursday the american congressman Adriano Espaillat and the president of the Bronx district, Ruben Díaz Jr., the first born in the Dominican Republic and the second of puerto rican origin, presented a disciplinary complaint against the attorney to the judicial system for his “racist conduct, reprehensible”, announced Díaz on Twitter.

“We want that your habilitation to advocate be analyzed to a possible revoke”, detailed.

“A person cannot involve herself/himself in xenophobia, intolerance, hatred and leave unpunished. A conduct of this type cannot be tolerated”, twitted Espaillat.

“We watched Aaron’s video and got disgusted”, wrote to the disciplinary committee of the united system of courts of the state of NY.

The attorney, that claims to speak Spanish fluently in his site, also lost his job in the center os business Corporate Suites, in Madison Avenue, informed the New York Post.

In the video of almost a minute, Schlossberg is anger for listening two employees speaking Spanish and start screaming frantically as a manager. “Your team is speaking in Spanish with the clients when they should speak in english(…) Here is the United States!(…) I pay your social safety, I pay so they can be here! The least that you can do is speaking in english.

“I bet they don’t have documents. So, my next call is to the ICE so that each of them be kicked out of my country”, affirms.

In the social networks several videos appeared in which the man identified by the local media as Schlossberg does other racists comments. In one of them he holds a white man in the street and says:” From which country are you? I’m a foreigner, you don’t(…) You a fucking ugly foreigner, screw you”.

Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016 the complaints of hatred crimes or episodes of discrimination by breed, religion and sexual orientation increased slightly, according to the Town Hall.