Brent was around 80 dollars and can reach 100



The barrel of Brent’s North Sea overcame, the past Thursday, 80 dollars for the first time since November of 2014, pushed by politic uncertain, and the president of the french Total availed that can reach 100 dollars.

In the contracts to July, the Brent’s barrel reached 80,50 dollars during a session in the market of London. He closed to 79,30 dollars, a high of 2 cents.

This barrel cost by 50 dollars in May of 2017 – an annual increase of 50%.

Already the price of “Light Sweet Crude” (WTI) to July, closed stabilized in 71,49 dollars.

Patrick Pouyanné, the president of the french Total, said that wouldn’t be surprise that “in the next months” it reaches 100 dollars due to uncertainties about the keep of his oil company in Iran.

To Jasper Lawler, London Capital Group’s analyst, the increase in prices is “impressive” because it happens when the US increase their exportations of commodity, beyond the expectative of a reduction in the demand – two points that in theory should pull the prices low.

“At the same time, the continuous decrease of production of Venezuela is doing the production of Opep decrease”, pointed Commerzbank’s analysts.