The ten most desired jobs in the world


Have you ever thought in earning for having fun or for eating chocolate?

We always hear to do what we love, but what most people don’t know is that exist jobs, way too good payed, that make you think well in the time to choose your profession.

We listed the 10 best jobs in the world.


1- Videogames professional player
Have you ever imagined being hired by a company that develop games to test them? That’s it! The profession has grown each more and becoming a great goal to the young lovers of games. Nothing better than play to get payed!


2- Tour appraiser
Do you have to wait for your vacation to enjoy trips, resorts, cruise, etc? In this job you won’t have to wait. The appraiser, as the name says, appraises trips, hotels quality and resorts to a big lux trip agency and its payed very well for this, the last lucky that completed the vacancy informed that was payed in U$312.500,00.


3- Bed tester
Who ever said on a Monday “how I wish to stay in a bed”. The employees of an American company of mattress and beds don’t stay with desire. The American employee of this company stay 20 minutes in each bed to test the efficiency of the mattress.


4- Appraiser of clubs
To register the best clubs of the world, an Australian has fun enjoying the best sounds and structures. The company owner of the project pays him to appraise each club of the country.


5- Wine and beer taster
Very common in Europe, the tasters prove the most variated wines and beers, logically in low quantities and in order to taste with the palate the quality of these drinks, and so direction them to researches, what affect directly their valeu.


6- A sex shop product tester
Proved as one of the most desired jobs, but not so payed, the product tester are payed to test vibrators, lingeries, and lubricants. According to a model the value is around U$250,00 to U$500,00.


7- Island supervisor
There are many millionaire businessman that hire people to look for their island, despite some say that is tiring, the ones that love nature and don’t care to pass a say alone say that is wonderful. What about having an island as your house?


8- Professional of prostitutes quality
The job of the french Jean Poul is to do interviews with thousands of prostitutes, and after natural tests, Poul takes them to a room and do they show what they are capable of.


9- Toy tester in amusement parks
Alan Choice is a British that passes the most time in toboggans and rollercoasters, this is to test if there is a problem in the toy and its safety. This is to live in danger, but it isn’t to deny that many people would accept the job with the eyes closed.


10- Film critic
A lot of sites, like Netflix, pays you to watch movies and tell how it was, a not so professional critic, you can stay all the day long lying in front of tv and earn for this.

Enjoyed the professions? Who knows if it is a good idea to send your curriculum?