The beauty of the fifty years. Ten things that you have to know when you reach the 50s.


The beauty of restarting life. On the 50s a lot of people call themselves old, however, its not like this what the important psychologists understand of the so precious fifty’s.

According to scholars, the age of experience known as the half century gives you new chances, an exclusive view of life, where is possible to restart, a lot of times to write a new history and, this time, with the practice of life, so you can live on the most intense forms the best moments of life.

Most people conquer what they wish after the 50, and its not coincidence, this is not just due to experience, but also the true knowledge of what you really want, and more, what really matters. This time not getting matter for anxiety, public opinion, you’ll live the way you want and will be happy.

But to this, is needed to tell you some fundamental things that will cheer you up even more to live this life that begins now.


1- Spend your money with you, with trips, wishes and details.
Probably before reaching this age you helped a lot of people, sons, friends, wife, husband and parents. I’m sorry for them, but its time to live for you, in this new stage, your only goal is you.


2- Stop worrying with others people’s lives.
Time to think in your life too. No more preoccupations, you did a lot to everybody in the way of life, and if you haven’t, probably your chances are empty. Time to worry only in you and your life. Enjoy without concerning.


3- Have a healthy life, but without too much physical efforts.
Everything in its equilibrium, keep yourself healthy, but its not necessary to effort too hard to maintain a physical of an athlete.


4- Always buy the most beautiful and the best.
Don’t forget that in this moment your goal is to spend with you and your wishes. Don’t save money, this won’t make any sense.


5- Keep alive for love.
Independent of our ages we should love our partner. Love will maintain a live flame inside of you, keep it lighted up. After all, love is what makes life has sense.


6- Respect the young opinion and be always open to learn.
Many say that we reach the end of life when we’re sure of everything. Learn to learn. The young people are probably more updated than you and are well prepared to life, just like you with their ages. Never use the term “in my time”, your time is now, live!


7- Can be funny to live with people of your age.
It isn’t so boring as you have always imagined to live with people from your age. Many are starting a new life too, and this will make you change experiences and laugh a lot.


8- Have a hobby
Do what probably you never had time to do, do what you like and create a routine above this. This will make you notice that you’re in shape to do what you always dreamed.


9- Accept invites.
Forget this myth that elder people like to stay at home. Go to baptize, birthday parties and get-togethers.


10- Laugh a lot, of everything, be happy!
After all, what isn’t missing are reasons to thank, isn’t it? You’re having a long life and awarded this prestige of reliving, restarting.

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