The 10 most influent people of the 20th century


The 20th century highlighted by its importance in people’s lifestyle, what resulted in social transformation, politics and technologic.

The foundation of global communication had a big importance for your highlight among the centuries, and thus, existed people that inspired us with their way of living, of thinking and that changed the world.

In this list you will ser the people that participated of all this evolution and that became influent to peace and harmony between the differences.

10- Steven Spielberg

Born in December 18, 1946, he is a director and producer of American movie theater. Considered one of the most influent in what suggests in movies and creation, in his movies some themes were showed that made the world stop to think, like the Holocaust, slave traffic, war and terrorism. With this perfect projects, today hr has an amount of money availed in US$3,3 billions.

9- Pope João Paulo 2nd

The Pope João Paulo 2nd , born in May of 1920, guided the Catholic church since 1978, till his death. Visited more than 120 countries, praying for peace, he was known for his addition to the true role of the church in the world.

8- Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, born in July of 1918, revolutionized the politics. Activist, lawyer and philanthropist, he was the president of South Africa between 94 and 99. He was the first black person that led the executive in the country. Prisoner for more than 25 years, was freed in 1990. Received the Nobel Prize of Peace in 93 and died in 2013, with 95 years old.

7- Steve Jobs

Jobs was born in February of 1955 in the USA. Entrepreneur and founder of Apple Inc. Left a company and founded NEXT and the animation studio Pixar. Changed the world with his creative ideas and revolutionized the technologic industry. Died in the day 5 of October in 2011 with 56 years old.

6- Oprah Winfrey

Born in January of 1954, she is an actress, show presenter, producer and philanthropist. Oprah raised in poor, suffered abuses and prejudice, and now became our 6th place as one of the most influent in the world.

5- Bill Gates

Gates was born in 1995 in the USA. Inventor, programmer, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft. Left Harvard to found a company with a friend and today he is one of the most well succeeded in the world. Cooperated a lot to the world of technology of info.

4- James Watson and Francis Crick

James is a biologist, geneticist, zoologist and known as the one who discovered the structure of DNA. Francis is a molecular biologist, discovered the molecule of DNA. Awarded by the Nobel Prizes of Physiology and Medicine, they marked the century with one of the most important discoveries to the field of medicine in the world.

3- Franklin D. Roosevelt

President of the USA between 1933 and 1945, he was the only president to stay more than 8 years in the history of the country. Led America in the time of war and the most serious economic crisis of history. He is considered one of the three main presidents of the USA and died in April 12 in 1945 in Georgia.

2- Mahatma Gandhi

More know as Gandhi, he was born in October in 1869 and was a leader of Nationalism in India. Known as the father of India, Gandhi always defended the end of violence, so much that on his birthday, October 2nd, its celebrated the Internacional day of No Violence. He was murdered by Nathuram Godse in 1948 with three shots in the chest.

1- Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a great scientist of the 20th century, was born on March 14 in 1879 in Ulm. According to the magazine Time, he was the most influent person of the 20th century.
Mathematic and scientist, got famous by his formula of equivalence of mass and by his extreme intelligence.
Revolutionized the exact science and is known as the father of mathematics.