Say no to the straw! The campaign that is moving the world. Check it out!


“Do you prefer a glass of a straw?”
How many times in your day you listen to this phrase?

A recent research showed that we consume 500 million straws per day in the whole world, and this made people and ONGs move with the health of the planet and decided to create campaigns that spread all over the world.

A current reporting of a TV channel showed that with 500 million straws would be possible to fulfill 46.400 buses or give two rounds on Earth, only using little straws.

The straw takes 100 years to decompose, besides, affects directly sea animals. A few years ago was found a sea turtle with a straw inside its nostrils. After the exposure of this fact, was noticed that its more common than we imagined, sea animals are hurt by a simple straw.

Besides the life of the animals, another question was pointed that is very relevant.

All the fishes eat everything that fits their mouths, since they don’t differentiate food or other objects. This makes rapidly that these objects come to our tables of our houses, bringing all the chemical substances contained in it.

There is an ONG in the USA called “The Last Plastic Straw”, that dedicates their efforts totally to exterminate the plastic straws in the world.
Seems that a straw doesn’t make any difference, isn’t it?

Now, after knowing this, the answer to the first question of our subject is already answered. “A glass please!”.