The champions of the World Cups



We’re close to the begin of the biggest soccer championship in the world.
Brazil, for being known as the country of soccer moves caravans, dozens of people and a lot of celebration to watch the team game.
The weather is on the air already, and soon the green and yellow will take the streets in Brazil.

We know that this time, just like others, Brazil is the favorite to the title and despite not participating the Confederations Cup, the amateurs games of the other teams pass to the team confidence, mainly after their win against the dreaded Germany.

But after all, you remember which were the big champions of the last cups? I think it worth it to remember!
Check now the ten last champions of the World Cup.

1978- Argentina  

1982- Italy 

1986- Argentina 

1990- Western Germany 

1994- Brazil  

1998- France  

2002- Brazil  

2006- Italy  

2010- Spain  

2014- Germany  

The World Cup began in 1930 and from there brought a lot of champions.

Check now the three teams with more titles:

1°- Brazil        Titles: 5 (1958,1962,1970,1994 and 2002)

2°- Italy          Titles: 4 (1934,1938,1982, and 2006)

3°- Germany   Titles: 4 (1954,1974,1990 and 2014)