Man travels three countries without spending one cent. Know how.


Francisco Alencar, 27 years old, boarded in a plane just for one way to Europe without a cent or credit cards. The airfare was bought with miles of a friend’s credit card. But this was the goal, don’t spend a cent and travel.

The publisher decided to do a try of traveling some countries with no money.
“The cold in the belly was bigger than normal, until because my last meal would be in the plane and after that I would depend of lucky and of some people’s help.

In some travel apps the young man could mark some days to stay in a stranger’s house. This app is free and it’s goal is to help people that are adventuring themselves in the same way of Francisco.

“Arriving in France, I went to a house of two North-Americans, and there my search for help started”.

He did a volunteer job in a hostel, he helped people, and the ONG responsible by the place provided him food. “I worked all the week, and the rest I went out to know the country”.

With 12 days there he did a train passage right to Portugal, and not enough to the man, decided to adventure himself in Lisbon.

“In Lisbon was this way, and this way were. A little help here and another there. I can say that was the best trip of my life, but leaving clear, it isn’t easy”.

From there I went to Italy, where I finished my trip after 49 days away from home and without money. “I think in going again, but now I need to take a breath”, completed the boy.

Despite many people do this, it isn’t recommendable, by the way, lucky cannot be foreseen, but its possible.

Nowadays technology is too advanced, the app used by Francisco was Couchsurfing, made to accommodate backpackers and a lot of times without price, but there are many other apps and sites with this goal. It is good to emphasize that should always study the house and the inhabitants of where you will host, because easily a dream will become a nightmare.