Man has innovating idea and earns money each time he receives a marketing call


Who ever got angry when you’re troubled by calls of people selling plans, courses and another things?

A man named Carl Mex, 39 years old, ended this problem by a genial way, and better, got a way to earn money each time he received a call from the Call Center and the subject went to television.

The famous man had a brilliant idea and payed the value of U$120 to convert his phone to comercial and premium. This conversion seems like that one that we pay a little higher price on the call, normally used by TV shows for vote. A part of this value goes to the phone network and the other to the person.

Due to this, Carl loves to pass his phone in everything that is registered, so thus, each call that he receives, he know that is earning. Since his line modification, he already earned around U$6000,00. Logically, he bought another phone number to use in his social life and maintain the other just to receive the calls.

In a interview in BBC, in United Kingdom, the man said step by step how he did and just through this the Call Centers knew about the maneuver. However, the spectators were discouraged to do the same way, because he left clear that this can render fines and answering processes , according to the laws of the country.