6 ways to get money to start your business


With a high on unemployment, in 2017 increased in 34% the opening of new companies.
His includes people that started business with no value to invest and they got well and today earn more than the old job.
Understand how, the 6 manners to get money to your business without sending anything.


Bank loan
The most used, however the planing has to be in perfect state, or your dream can become your worst nightmares.


Have your project well made and concrete? So know that exists several investors that believe in a financial reward by your success, these people can be found in websites of investment and universities.


Are organizations that offer credit lines to your business. Make contact with one agency linked to this and apply your money.


Family and friends
When your business seems to have success in the future, your friends and parents that know you also know where came from the idea and when you fundament it, they can be a great way out.


The partner-investor is the one that will get in with money and you with the arm power and idea, in this case your partner can keep 50% of profit, reaching 80%, depends on the value of investment.


Refinance your car
A lot of banks, if not all of them, refinance your car and they pay you the value, its a method of getting money paying low charges by month.