12 secrets to have success in the job interview


“Several candidates lost their vacancy in the first moment that they arrive in the interview. If they cared more for these points, maybe they have even 40% more chance”.


In a so competitive world, one vacancy to many candidates, its indispensable to appear well in front of the interviewer.

Seems that are no differences, cloth, to greet, the way to behave and speak, however, it isn’t what Eduardo Moreira, psychologist and director of Human Resources of a big multinacional said in the introducing text above.

Therefore to make it easier, we asked him to reveal these secrets and help us to make clear for you which points are these.


1- Haircut and beard always in day
To many the hair and beard less matter, after all, is the curriculum that will make you to be hired. But this is a mistake. According to Eduardo, the hair and beard always done represents that the person is organized, has her/his self-esteem in day and is always ready for his/her big chance.


2- Clothes always according to the environment that the vacancy offers you
According to Eduardo, it doesn’t works going with a suit if the vacancy if for mechanic, this may show that you don’t know exactly what you’re wishing, as short clothes to work in an office of lawyers. It’s always good to use the common sense and use the outfit that fits the vacancy.


3- Don’t make up histories or prolongue too much the conversations and go right to the point.
No one will mark an interview for you to talk about your life or about your soccer team. Sympathy is good, but go over the limits of the questions shows unsafely. Only answer what is being questioned, and hold the jokes, a lot of people isn’t in their good day everyday.


4- Slang and irreverent hand touch, never!
Some slangs and plays can be welcome in your friends environment. However, in an interview environment, can show that you use them with so much frequency that the habit to talk correctly was lost already. So thus, will let the interviewer in doubt if he/she can put yo or not in some formal environments.


5- Look in the eyes
Thus tip is always given, but seems that the majority forgets easily. When talking to someone, mainly the interviewer, look in the eye and always show that you’re interested in the vacancy.


6- When you be in the interview, be there
Many times is hard to us to forget problems, mainly when you’re unemployed. But its extremely important that you shut down all that in the moment of the interview, just be there in the moment. People notice when they talk about an subject and you’re thinking in another thing, and many times this will show disinterest.


7- The body position isn’t everything, but talks a lot about you
During the interview, the file filling or a little test, keep straight. I use to say that in that position, if something in the room fall, you’ll be the first to catch it. This shows wish and pre disposition. Its undeniable that the way you sit or stay up talks a lot about you.


8- Talk with conviction
Never talk too much or thing too much to answer. Answer staying still, and in case you don’t know something, don’t invent or lie. Who’s interviewing you is a lot of times a professional and is training to know when you tell the truth or lie.


9- Study about the company and the vacancy that is being given
If you’re really interested in the vacancy and in the company, you should know it. So if you have some free time by the moment you were warned about the interview until the start of it, study about the company, study the vacancy. Interest is very important in the time of the hiring.


10- Be sincere
Sincerity opens several doors, independent of the situation. Sincerity shows that if one day you have missed or did not reached something, you’re ready to correct it and try again. The sincerity in the value of the salary, in what you wish, also talks a lot about you.


11- Greeting
In Brazil there is a habit to greet people with a kiss in the face, but in the world of interviews this is not welcome. Usually we don’t have intimacy with the interviewer. This makes a hand shake a good greeting.


12- Cellphone always inside the pocket and always shut down
Seems foolish to talk this, however, in this digital Era that we live, is even more difficult to leave the cellphone in the corner, but during the interview, using the phone is almost to ask to give up the vacancy.


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