11 tips to stop being a boring person


We live in a society and from it we depend to practically everything in life.
Being a good company is practically an obligation, be in the business world, in school, at work and everything that involves more than a person, in the other way, everything will be harder.

Everyone have ever asked himself/herself “Am I boring?”, in an unasked message, in a denied invite and in many other occasions.
Don’t wanna be boring? Check now 11 points that turns a person boring.

1- Don’t talk too much of your life

Talk a lot of your daily, your conquers, your failures, can drive other person crazy. Hardly someone want to know in details about your problems or wins, this won’t add nothing in his/her life and maybe can turn you into a boring person.


2- Listen more and talk less

Listen people carefully will make you a good company, everyone like attention in their stories, talk more than listening is a mistake and a lot of people commit it in a lot of circumstances of life.

3- Not too much jokes!

It’s funny to do someone laugh and call attention by your sense of humor is even better. But we have to understand that isn’t everyone that want to laugh and hear jokes. There are moments that we want to talk seriously and about serious stuff. Everything has its moment, know that.

4- Eye in the eye

Nothing boring as talking to someone and he/she is paying attention on the floor. Look in the eye it’s a sign that you’re interested in the conversation.


5- Good talks

You know that 90’s cartoon that only you love?! Certainly it isn’t the preferred subject of the majority, so don’t insist in talking about it!

6- Be nice and polite

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, thank you, ser you later. These are words like some other that do a lot of difference in socializing time, use moderately.


7- Don’t be smug

How its boring people that keep boasting for everything, trying to be better than the others in all occasions. Remember something, you’re not better than anyone.


8- Don’t be prejudiced

The prejudice beyond being a crime, is boring and unnecessary.


9- Don’t be where you have not been called

Its boring people that want to give their opinion about everything and besides are in times that they are not welcome.


10- Be grateful

Ungrateful is something that more causes the end of friendships. Be grateful, thank. Recognize the people that are by your side.


11- Value your friend

Give value to someone that makes you feel good, and don’t leave he/she for any reason. People use to leave someone behind when someone else more interesting appears.