Discover 6 topics that you should do in LinkedIn periodically to increase even more your job chances



Today LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network in the world since 2002, in its foundation with million of people getting a job and applying.
The social network in 2013 reached to the number 238 million of users, reaching the top of the professional social networks.

However, the demand is little to the quantity that looks for it, and thus exists manners and updates that should be done always in order to increase the search and maintain in the top of the searches.
Know now, 6 topics that you should do periodically to increase your chances of being selected to a vacancy.


1- Update your profile photo at least annually.
You may have changed your stile or be different from the picture taken. This will get you credibility and will show that you’re always warned. Don’t forget to name your photo that will be put as “yourname.jpg”, this will make that when someone put your name in google, the picture will appear in the main page.


2- Update your curriculum
Maintain a few stuff like address, age and other stuff not updated will bring a problem in a possible interview.


3- Update your actual experience
If a time has passed and you certainly did new things, in your job or in extracurricular courses, show that you’re active.


4- Insert multimedia files
Put video presentations or powerpoint, experiences of something that happened, something with excitement. This will make your profile to have a higher visualization, and soon, a bigger search.


5- Register conquers
LinkedIn allows you to put conquers, see what happened in the past few years, an ended course, an awards or a promo.


6- Conquer more contacts and update them
You cannot stop calling in your network, do a search in emails, contacts did a long time ago, contacts in your cellphone and add them. Increase your network is the secret to have more success.